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The ultimate solution to boost your business communication? Look no further than Telinfy – your all-in-one platform offering RCS messaging, WhatsApp Business API services, and powerful bulk SMS capabilities.

RCS Messaging Excellence

Deliver visually stunning content, carousels, buttons, and more

WhatsApp Business API

Personalized conversations, instant support, and effortless engagement.

Bulk sms

Send timely promotions, updates, and notifications in just a few clicks.

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Your Message, Our Expertise, Global Reach

All-in-one mesaging partner for business needs

Effortless API Integration

Enabling businesses to establish a secure and efficient communication channel

Bidirectional Communication

solution to engage in bidirectional conversations with the clientele

Automated Responses via Chatbots

consistent support experience, even during non-operational hours.

Multimedia Messaging Capabilities

Facilitating visually engaging content delivery.

Dynamic Personalization

Enhances personal connection by addressing customers by their names and relevant attributes

Analytics and Insights

enables businesses to assess the efficacy of their communication strategies

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Transforming Words intoBusiness Opportunities

Your trusted messaging partner, we have simplified business communication process with our telinfy platform , that covers all your communication needs. 

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Best messaging platform for communicating with customers


marketing manager


Highly efficient team and best customer support

Haven Brooks

marketing officier 

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Highly recommended for whatsapp and rcs messaging

Sandra Green

senior manager

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